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Hello! My name Is Carole.

The original works of art I create evoke happiness through splashes of bright colors and unique textured backgrounds. The process of making art is a joyful experience for me. With an open minded approach I layer color with playful brushstrokes using many art tools. Just as in life, we must often embrace change, I welcome the transformation from one layer to the next. 


My subject choices are inspired by the beauty I see in light, forms, colors and shapes in nature. I consider myself an abstract painter for that reason. Birch trees are my absolute favorite as well as landscapes, lake sunrises/sunsets and florals. I often enhance colors and composition to capture a moment or feeling. I want to share with my viewers what I see through my eyes and feel with my heart to express the joy in the world around me. 


I have been creating since I was a young child. My earliest memory of making art was drawing my mother for a Mother’s Day Drawing Contest. She stood between two trees and she was way taller than the trees (which was my perception at the age of five)! I studied art with Sister Eva Ledoux through middle school and continued my art making journey through high school, college and most recently earned my Masters Degree in Integrated Arts. I have been teaching children about art for over 25 years.


In the challenges we face each day, my painting is a way to keep me focused on the good that  can be found in everyday sights and moments. Whether you own a mini painting or one of my oversized canvases, when you display one of my artworks in your own home, I hope it offers you a daily reminder of the good that today brings!

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